That’s it, I’m done.  I’ve lost any shred of respect I had left for the chareidi world and it’s leadership.  Gone.  Completely and totally.

This is just so far and beyond normative Judaism.  The entitrety of this episode, from the stupidity of the ban on The Big Event on through and including this latest stupidity, is stupidity from start to finish.  Have I said stupidity enough?  Stupidity.

They’re banning rhythm, now?  Are you kidding me?  And which instruments and tones can be used?

The guidelines, which are still being formulated, also ban “2-4 beats and other rock and disco beats;” [and] the “improper” use of electric bass, guitars and saxophones.

What?  Oh, that’s right.  Only piano and violin are authentically Jewish.  (/end sarcasm)

Ugh.  I simply cannot take this anymore.  What’s most sad about this, in my opinion, is that things like this erode the authority of the rabbinic leadership on matters of true importance.  If this is what chareidi rabbis are wasting their time on, while the kollel community is in the throes of a poverty crisis, they are taking “fiddling while Rome burns” to a whole new level.  And when people with half a brain and some measure of critical thought see this and wonder if this is truly the importance and authenticity of Judaism, when it comes time for the chareidi Rabbis to make important decisions, like dealing with the poverty crisis, it might be too late.  People will have already stopped listening to them.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  It is time for someone to stand up and scream, “the Emperor is naked!”

Read more of my thoughts in my follow-up post: A Measured Reaction

Hattip: G, on SerandEz; BloginDm; JS, on DovBear


5 responses to “Finished

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  2. These people are like village idiots, just ignore them and they will go to the next town. It’s not like any of this will actually take hold.

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  4. I tuned them out a long time ago.

  5. Romans 14 says that we have liberty in Christ, and that nothing is “unlawful.” As long as we are led by the Word of God in our “doings,” let the naysayers do what they may. Serve and praise God to the fullest, and let those stuck in legalism play around in their whited sepluchers filled with dead-mens bones.


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