Mixed NFL News

Some random shots from this past Sunday in the NFL:

Rob, dear friend of the blog, thinks (and I agree) it’s absolutely nuts that Donovan McNabb didn’t know until yesterday’s crapfest with the Bengals that ended in a tie, that NFL regular season games could end in a tie.  Really?!?!  You didn’t know that?  See the video below:

Moving onto the game where the Pirates beat the Padres Steelers beat the Chargers 11-10, a couple of interesting things.  First Troy Polamalu made an insance catch on an interception of Philip Rivers, just diggind his hand under the ball.  Check out the video here (damn NFL won’t let me embed).

Finally, yet more shady officiating.   From the Deadspin recap:

With his team already ahead by one, Pittsburgh’s Troy Polamalu intercepted a pathetic attempt at a miracle play and scored an exclamation point touchdown as time expired. Even though the clock read zero and there was no other possible outcome to the game than a Steelers victory, the referees kept everyone on the field for several minutes to launch an automatic review of the play, called a phantom penalty that did not happen—officials admitted after the game that the call was incorrect—and took the touchdown off the scoreboard.

Why does this matter?  Because the Steelers were favored by 5, with about $32,000,000 of action on them to cover that the bookies would have lost (there was much less on the Chargers):

“An estimated 100 million dollars was wagered worldwide on the Pittsburgh/San Diego game, according to RJ Bell of Pregame.com. Approximately 66% of that money was on the Steelers; with only 34% on the Chargers.

“If the touchdown was properly upheld, Steelers bettors would have won about 32 million dollars instead of losing big. This admittedly incorrect call resulted in a 64 million dollar swing in favor of the bookies.”


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One response to “Mixed NFL News

  1. That’s pretty crazy. Have the officials offered any explanation for reviewing the play?

    I still can’t get over the McNabb ignorance and the fact that he admitted it in the post game. How can a starting NFL QB not know such a basic rule of the game? Tell me he forgot about it and I would say it’s stupid but believable. The fact that he never knew that a game could end in a tie is insane. No Manning would make such a mistake. Last week Eli not only knew that any part of his body or the ball could be on or behind the line of scrimmage to avoid a penalty he also knew that he had not crossed entirely.

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