No. No, No, No, NO!

This is what I meant.  Why would you give 35-year-old Derek Lowe a FOUR YEAR contract, at an annual value of $16.5 million?  Doesn’t it make SO MUCH more sense to give Ben Sheets (who is 30) a 3 year contract at an annual value that’s about the same?

According to Jon Heyman (seventh paragraph) the Yankees are just about close to getting a deal done with Lowe.  Ugh.

Of course, Heyman speculates the Yankees are set on signing three pitchers.  That means they could get Sabathia, Lowe and Sheets.  I wonder what this means for Joba.  Still a starter?  #5, after the three FAs and Wang?  What does that mean for Hughes and Kennedy?  Start the season in the minors?  Or does Hughes get a rotation spot, and Joba go back to the bullpen to apprentice to Mariano?

And what does that mean for Teixiera?  Probably means they aren’t going to sign him, which I think (as I mentioned in the previous post) would be a mistake.  I like Teixiera a lot.


One response to “No. No, No, No, NO!

  1. Derek Lowe has averaged about 213 innings over the past 4 years. Ben Sheets hasn’t cracked 200 once in the last four. Two years to Sheets is one thing… but three years of Sheets vs. four years of Lowe? I don’t know… I guess, if I don’t think that Lowe can pitch in the AL East.

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