People Will Complain, No Matter How Stupid

So I saw this:


And linked to this: Fans see red over Sabathia’s green

And this is the full comment in all of its idiotic glory:

As many families struggle to pay their bills and watch their mortgages foreclose, becoming homeless, the Yankees have the audacity to offer a pitcher nearly $23 million per year of a salary. This shakes me to the core. The Yankees are spitting in the faces of the true American MLB fan, laughing at our disparity. Oh, I know that my beloved Mets aren’t much better. However, honoring existing contracts is one thing. Offering this kind of salary to an athlete as a new contract would have been reasonable, even expected, in a prosperous time for our country. But that time is not now.

Please, sir, pray tell: what would you have the Yankees do in this time of economic trouble?  Pay off $23 million in mortgages for average folks every year instead?  Did the New York Yankees become a 501(c)3 when I wasn’t looking?  The Yankees should have offered Sabathia much less money, and justified the lowball offer, ya know, because of the economy?  You are such a shmuck.

Whoever wrote this is such a fool.  The Yankees have “the audacity” to offer a slightly above-market contract for the best player available, doing with their billions what they think is best for the team (and, ultimately, to make more money), while other people struggle.  Are you a communist?  Do you think that if some people are struggling, everyone should?  That’s just dumb.  And complaining about the Yankees and one contract is stupid to begin with, but to hang your hat on the economic crisis as the basis for this contract being “wrong”?  That’s all new levels of stupid.


7 responses to “People Will Complain, No Matter How Stupid

  1. Agreed.
    And they should go spend a big bundle on Texeira and lock up a hitting 1st basemen for many years, no matter how much, esp so the sox don’t get him.

  2. Not so clear to me. I’m not sure if this was the commenter’s point but obviously the Yankees expect the fans to pick up the tab on the Sabathia signing. Remember that the fans pay for every contract. So this fan is stating his disgust with the contract and, I assume, his refusal to pay for Yankees tickets and merchandise.


  3. Wait… you mean to say that the typical American citizen is clinically braindead?!?!

    I have a solution, actually. A common ground that should keep everyone happy. If the Yankees were forced to give the $23 million to teams in their division that are struggling to get by on lower budgets, this redistribution of wealth (kept within the confines of not only baseball in general, but the AL East in particular) would make everyone happy. Right?

    See, it’s so easy to be a peacemaker.

  4. YA,

    Like it was mentioned below, the Yankees have a lot of payroll coming off the book. So theoretically, if the Yankees were to stick with the same payroll, there would be no trickle down effect based on higher salary costs.

    Unless you’re trying to say that you think that the Yankees should keep a lower payroll and proportionally slash ticket prices… as they move into a brand new stadium. But that wouldn’t make much sense either.

    This fan is a) ignorant and b) not a Yankee fan anyways. He’s not paying shit to see the Yankees, whether they slash ticket prices or raise them. Regardless, no one forces anyone to go to these games. And they’re all free on TV. Finally, while this year might be an exception because of the new stadium, in most years, you can get tickets to games in the first months of the season for dirt cheap (read: a couple of bucks, rendering them cheaper than they were “back in the day” on an inflation adjusted basis) on StubHub or eBay.

  5. And I also wonder… on an inflation-adjusted basis, are nosebleed tickets that much more expensive than they were back in the day? I recognize that the price gap between good and “bad” tickets has increased by leaps and bounds, but I would suspect that the average ticket price for the cheapest seats today vs. the average ticket price for the cheapest seats 50 years ago might not be that different.

  6. Games are not free on tv. You pay a cable bill that factors in the cost of broadcast rights for Yankees’ games (or the right to include YES in the cable package). There is no question that we are paying for Sabathia’s contract. With that in mind, it is not crazy to express consern with the size of the contract. In fact, if 10 million other people would do the same thing, it might actually impact Cashman’s decision-making.


  7. Some game are free. Also, Yankees game are available free on the radio or at the same price as all other teams on the internet.

    I hate the Yankees. Whether or not the YES network was offered as part of my package was the last thing I thought about when I picked a provider.

    What concerns do you have with the contract? That ticket prices will go up? I assure you that the Yankees are charging as much as they can for each ticket.

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