The Jets Are A Joke

Not being a Jet fan, I don’t really make it my business to watch every snap of every Jets game.  So I will admit to getting a lot of my news from recaps, etc.

However, it is abundantly clear to me, from the bunch of plays I have watched the Jets a couple of things:

1) Eric Mangini is not a good head coach, and is overmatched in big games/situations.

2) Brett Favre is NOT a good QB anymore.

That second one I’ve mentioned before, how I never really liked him.  I thought his decision-making and “gunslinging” was a bad thing, not a good one.

Meanwhile, all the Jets fans that hailed him as a savior, saying how much better he was than Pennington, let’s see if they can play a little game with me.  We’ll call it “Who’d You Rather Have?”

QB #1:  323/482 (67%), 3239 yards (6.72 yds/att), 21/19 td/int


QB #2: 299/446 (67%), 3453 yards (7.74 yds/att), 17/7 td/int 

Without names, I think it’s clear that QB #2 is having a far superior season.  In fact, if you looked, you would think that QB #2 has the better arm, and that QB #1 was a weak-armed QB who could only dink and dunk, but couldn’t make good throws down the field.

And you’d be right.  Because QB #1 is Brett Favre and QB #2 is Chad Pennington.

From what I’ve seen, Brett Favre simply does not have the same arm strength anymore.  He is consistently underthrowing his receivers.  And for all that BS about him being a “winner,” the truth is he stepped into a fantastic situation, with a great running game, improved O-line and vastly improved defense, and is managing to choke that away, while Pennington took over a 1-15 team, and is about to lead them to a #3 seed and the NFC AFC East Title.  Yup, Favre’s the “winner.”

I think it’s clear that everything the Jets fans complained about Pennington was more a function of the coaching and crappy play-calling (seriously, what does Brian Schottenheimer have to do to get fired?) than Chad’s abilities.

It will be a fantastic day for Chad when he brings his 10-5 Dolphins into Giants Stadium, and kicks the Jets’ ass.

Oh, and as for my prediction (Favre will have more INT’s than TD’s this year): pretty damn close, and the season isn’t over.  One more game like this week, and it could still happen.


7 responses to “The Jets Are A Joke

  1. You’re not being entirely fair… it’s not like Chad walked into the locker room of the ’07 Dolphins and turned the team around all by itself.

    Playing crappy competition really helps too.

  2. Maybe, but I think with the talent around him and the play-calling not really changing, the Jets would have been the same, if not better, with Chad at QB.

    Also, the Dolphins didn’t make that many personnel changes, certainly not as many this past offseason as the Jets did.

  3. I think you meant “AFC Title” – I’d make that correction before you upset the Giant fans in the audience.

  4. Oops. Fixed. Thanks.

  5. 1) As to which QB I’d rather have, it will be largely dependent on wins and watching them actually play. Stats do lie sometimes. I’d rather have the QB who doesn’t play well if he makes the play every time when the team needs it for the win. (Not that Favre does that every time.)

    2) The QBs’ stats are actually very similar except for INTs. Not sure why your conclusion is that QB #1 dinks and dunks. It’s actually the opposite based on the “hypo” and based on reality. I would think that the QB with far fewer INTs probably throws less risky passes. And the reality bears that out. Favre’s INTs are virtually all on down-field passes. Pennington is the dinker-dunker, safe QB, who, thus, has fewer INTs. And to question Favre’s arm-strength when making a comparison to Pennington is ridiculous. You cannot have watched any Jets games this year and any Pennington games ever and conclude that Pennington has/had more arm strength ever in his career than Favre has even this year.

    3) Let’s wait to see who wins on Sunday. Favre is a winner. He’s older now, so maybe his winning-ness won’t overcome his age, but let’s see.

    4) Pennington will never lead his team to a Super Bowl. Could he win one in Trent Dilfer or similar QB style (i.e., maybe he gets on a great defensive team and he’s conservative enough on offense to win)? Yes. But he’ll never lead a team to a championship. You should delete the whole portion of the post that compares Favre to Pennington. It’s embarrassing to the writer.

    5) Mangini certainly has a lot of explaining to do if the Jets lose.

  6. I didn’t say that Pennington has a better arm, I said that his “failings” with regard to arm strength are not as relevant as people thought, and even with a “strong armed” QB, like Favre, the Jets are still a dink-dunk team. This is borne out by Favre’s meager 6.72 yards per attempt (which is a full yard worse than Pennington) A yard is not a small difference, when 3 yards separate #1 from #32. So, no, their stats aren’t similar at all. Favre is 22nd in the league in YPA, Pennington 6th. Pennington’s QB Rating is 96.4 this year. Favre’s is 84. And Favre has the better receivers (Ted Ginn, Davone Bess….these are the guys Pennington’s had to work with this year).

    And, at this point in his career, Favre will never lead his team to a Super Bowl, either, so that’s a meaningless statement.

    Stop trying to pretend this is Favre from 1996. It’s not. He’s not that good anymore.

    And for someone who scoffs at the “Jeter’s Intangibles/Jeter’s a Winner” argument, I find it highly hypocritical/intellectually weak to hear you constantly repeat “Favre’s a winner.” That’s bunk and you know it.

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