Jets Post-Mortem

Joe Schick on Week 17: It’s All Brett Favre’s Fault

…none are as culpable as Brett Favre, whose two touchdowns and nine interceptions over the last five games stalled the offense, even when the running game was effective.

Cuz, ya know, as I like to point out, Favre sucks now…


3 responses to “Jets Post-Mortem

  1. I actually said it’s not all Favre’s fault, but that he’s the most at fault.

    He has sucked for several years and has been overrated for the last decade.

  2. Editorial discretion 🙂

  3. Jets wasted no time in firing their coach. They should go hard after Steve Spagnolo. Don’t you think he would jump at the opportunity to get a head coaching job where he doesn’t have to uproot his family?

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