The IDF YouTube Channel

Check it out here.

Some selections that I liked:

Background to the Confrontation:

Next time Hamas or anyone complains that the IDF hit a school and injured children, ask why that school was being used as a base to fire weapons:

Or a Mosque, supposedly a holy site:


Hattip: Zoo Torah


One response to “The IDF YouTube Channel

  1. General R. Blie

    Excellent post. But what does it accomplish? You are stuck in lawyer mode, where things like evidence have value. Everyone with any sense already believes that Hamas uses schools and mosques. The problem is that the people who are sympathetic with the Palestinian “cause” don’t care. It is either:
    1. Justified – it is the only way to fight against a superior military power
    2. Excused – Nevertheless, Israel does not have the right to fire on the schools if there will be civilian casualties
    3. Disbelieved – These are videos fabricated by Israeli media
    4. Flipped – It is the Israeli’s fault for pushing the Palestinians to such a state that they put their own children at risk

    On CNN this morning, a reporter in Gaza was on saying a few things I found interesting (not that it was news, but that it was coming from CNN) about the recent targeted killing of a top Hamas in his home with his wife and children:
    1. When interviewing Hamas members, he has been shown weapons stockpiled in school buildings. It was not a secret.
    2. He is confident that the Hamas leader specifically went to his home as a tactic to avoid being targetted. In the past Hamas has instructed its leaders to remain at home with family because Israel had a policy of not targetting buildings with the family there. Israel has changed that policy with this latest action.

    It is an extremely interesting mindset for someone who knows he is being targetted to specifically run to his family. I would hope that most of us, knowing someone is out to kill us, would try to get our family as far away as possible.

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