Should The Yankees Sign Manny?

I don’t know.

The fact that he remains unsigned and still a free agent is remarkable to me (and, apparently, The Sports Guy).  This is one of the best hitters in all of baseball, even at 36.  Sure, he’s crazy, he’s a headcase, you never know when he’ll shut it down, etc, etc.  But still, he’s Manny.  Imagine this lineup:

1. Damon, LF

2. Jeter, SS

3. Tiexiera, 1b

4. Rodriguez, 3b

5. Ramirez, RF

6. Posada, C

7. Matsui/Nady, DH 

8. Cano, 2b

9. Melky/Gardner/Swisher, CF

Come on, who can’t love that offense?  At this point, what’s $20 mil/year more?  Give him the three years he wants, make it a $60 million dollar offer and make the Yankees unstoppable.


5 responses to “Should The Yankees Sign Manny?

  1. I want Manny!

    I’d put Nady in RF with Manny as DH, but otherwise, it’s a sick, sick lineup. You can’t argue that. And you know he’d kick it up a notch against Boston.

  2. The key is obviously having Manny in the lineup every day, but I’d sooner platoon Nady and Matsui (assuming one of them isn’t traded) and let Manny play RF. Matsui can’t play outfield anymore, so he has to be the DH. Manny can DH on days against lefties, with Nady in RF. But when Matsui’s in the lineup, he’s the DH and Manny goes to right. It’s a small RF, he’ll be fine.

  3. I’d go:

    3. Arod
    4. Manny
    5. Texiera

    Give Arod all the protection you can.

  4. That’s fair, but I’d rather have Manny, who is an RBI machine, behind the two high OBP guys. Let Damon, Jeter, Tex get on in front of A-Rod, and they can’t pitch around him because Manny’s up behind him, and he’ll knock a ton of runs in.

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