The Noy G Completely Untimely and Out of Nowhere Movie Review

So I finally got around to watching WALL-E last night.  One word: AWESOME!!

Among the many things I liked, was the fact that I watched on Blu-Ray on my new TV (Netflix has blu-ray discs), and WHOA it was awesome.  The movie was visually amazing.  It was absolutely fantastic.

But even more than the visuals, I thought the characters and the story were absolutely superb.  The writers/director managed to convey so much emotion from characters that mostly had no dialogue.  Completely told through body language and the the shape of the “eyes” the audience was still able to see robots interacting and conveying feelings and emotions (obviously, that robots are able to do this requires some level of suspended disbelief, but if you can accept Johnny Five, you can accept WALL-E and EVE).

I loved WALL-E and EVE.  Something about them was just so cute and adorable and lovable.  And their interactions are wonderful.  And the love story between them (the central theme of the movie) is so believable, so true, that it seemed more real to me than any love story I’d seen in a movie before.  Maybe it’s because these weren’t people, they weren’t actors that I could see through, but something about it just resonated with me.

I don’t want to spoil the movie if anyone hasn’t seen it (and if you haven’t, SEE IT.  It is by no means at all just for kids) but I had tears in my eyes at one point.  It was absolutely touching and amazing.  I loved it.

Yes, I can see why some people might find the first part of the movie boring (the first bit of human dialog is 39 minutes in), but I was so absorbed by the character development of WALL-E and the introduction of EVE and the visuals, that I didn’t even notice.

This movie is a must-see, in my opinion, and goes near the top of my list of my favorite movies ever.  I may just have to shell out some cash, and buy myself the disc (can’t decide if I should buy Blu-Ray or DVD).


3 responses to “The Noy G Completely Untimely and Out of Nowhere Movie Review

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  2. Your first ever movie review and it’s WALL-E?!?!?!?

    Didn’t see it but I thought you would at least review Slumdog Millionaire first.

  3. First of all, I’ve done movie reviews before.

    Second, yes, that’s the point. WALL-E is an instant classic, imho, something I can watch over and over, and I loved enough to immediately put in the pantheon of my favorite movies.

    Third, I saw Slumdog Millionaire. Didn’t I mention that here? I had a quick mini-review of it. Not worthy of being one of my favorite movies ever, but definitely worth seeing. Though I’m not sure being in the theater matters, so if you don’t mind being oblivious to the Oscar buzz and waiting until it’s on HBO or Netflix, then by all means, wait.

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