Why I Said It

So, despite my protestations below about saying Birkhat HaKhama, here’s the reason I said it this morning, and it’s the one reason that had any sort of resonance (minor) with me from my discussions with my friends about it:

despite it’s falsity and everything else, it is a way the community marks time, and is a good, albeit arbitrary, time for reflection and demarcation, and a link between generations

My older daughter, who is four going on five, had learned about it school.  I made a point to explain to her what we’re saying and why (in a way that I didn’t find offensive) and she perceptively pointed out that she’ll be older than I am now when we say it next time.  That link between us, as a continuity and mesorah thing, is important for me and my family.  So I said it with her.

MoC’s post on this topic is exactly what I mean.  Iy”H, if I am still alive, I want to be able to look back, remember this time of my life, and maybe even call my daughter 28 years from now, and remind her that we said this together today.  And maybe she’ll have kids of her own who she will say it with.


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