The Food Chain

I’d like to see some idiotic, animal lover, vegetarian activists react to this video:

Go protest the inhumane treatment this Orca puts that poor seal through before he eats it.  Let me know what he says, k?  I’m sure he’s waiting to hear from you.

See, nature has a food chain.  The higher up you are, the better.  You can look down, and eat whatever you see.  That’s the way nature and evolution (or God, if you’re so inclined) intended it.  Stop trying to fight it.  Morons.

Try getting this meat-eater to stick to vegetables (note: catch the narrator at 1:24.  An orca’s body demands three sea-lion pups per day!!!  “Feed Me, Seymour!!”).

Aww, isn’t that sweet.  Catch and release for sport.


One response to “The Food Chain

  1. I eat meat and I am no animal lover but I’m not sure I agree with your rationale. Unlike animals, humans are often called upon to fight their natural instincts. Many of our society’s rules require such.

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