Lip Synch Idol

So, apparently, despite the fact that American Idol is ostensibly a “singing competition,” singing is really the last thing that matters.  Some examples from last night:

Paula Abdul’s performance last night was so clearly lip-synched (see: WWTDD), it made a complete mockery of the concept of the show that she’s a part of.  Yes, I think it’s worse when Paula lip synchs than when, say, Jamie Foxx does it, because Paula should be bought into the concept of singing.  Well, I guess since she’s not really so good at it (anymore?  ever?) I understand her motivation.  That doesn’t make it OK.

Last night’s sent-homer, Alison Iraheta, was clearly above and beyond, in singing and musical ability, Danny Gokey, who is a one-trick pony (growling) that doesn’t have such a great voice, has limited range and has no musical originality at all.  But he stays.  Why?  Because the judges, ignoring the fact that his singing was absolutely atrocious last night, managed to give him a review that had the words “A+” in it, while, in weeks past, after Alison ripped songs apart (in a good way) got negative reviews for ridiculous things like her outfit, or not smiling enough, or anything else not related to music.


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