24 Finishes Its First Week

Season 7 of 24 ended, and it’s clear to me now that reality has no meaning, even within the somewhat skewed rules of  the 24 universe.  The producers/writers simply have no regard for the actual history that they’ve created.

First of all, and I’ve mentioned this before, Tony Almeida was dead.  I don’t care what they say, or how they try to overcome it, he was dead.

In trying to give him proper motivation, they decided to retroactively to make his wife, Michelle Dessler, pregnant.  Fine, whatever.  But then it isn’t enough to have Tony scream about losing his baby, he has to add: “and it was a boy!  you killed me son!”  First of all, as if that makes it worse?  Second of all, Michelle certainly didn’t look pregnant (see the scran grab at the 3:37 mark of this video or the 4:24 mark of this one).  So let’s assume she was very early in her pregnancy, and not showing even a little, with no other outward signs.  Fine.  So, then how in the hell does Tony know it’s a boy?  She certainly wasn’t 20 weeks, to have an ultrasound to determine!

Yeah, maybe I’m nitpicking, but something about that just rubbed me the wrong way.  It seems indicative to me about the shows own reality and history don’t even matter.  Like the writers don’t care enough to pay attention, so why should I?


One response to “24 Finishes Its First Week

  1. “24” is so unrealistic and over-the-top that these small things don’t even phase me. This season was pretty stupid and the finale was horrible. It’s like watching the same thing over and over and over again and yet I do it every season – not sure why. I have said many times on this blog, they need a change of venue. We need some jungle scenes or something to make it different. Wouldn’t it be great to see Jack and a team of crazy CIA operatives on some covert mission in Europe or the Middle East ala “Munich”, “Mission Impossible” or “The Dirty Dozen” etc. Not sure why they feel bound to the same White House and CTU/FBI headquarters scenes.

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