I’m Not The Only One!

Someone else thinks that So You Think You Can Dance is better than American Idol!

Check it out.

Some of what’s there, that I’ve been saying to other people:

to me, the talent is just better on that show

It really is.  These people are so amazing to watch.  Which gets me to:

It’s just more fun to watch. When they do group numbers on So You Think You Can Dance, it’s not to sell gas-guzzling American cars. They’re legitimately interesting large-scale dances. They also dance as partners, then split up the partnerships, so there are little mini-dramas stuck in-between the larger drama of the competition. But even without all the peripherals, watching people dance on TV is just inherently more interesting than watching them sing.

The choreography is amazing.  Not just the dancers and their talent, but the routines that are custom designed for them.

But, most importantly, in terms of making for an enjoyable show, the judging.

I’d say that the judging on So You Think You Can Dance is better all around. Even the crazy judge—Mary Murphy—knows a lot about ballroom and seems to scream like a wild woman or not scream like a wild woman based on actual merit.

It’s true.  The judges on SYTYCD are truly knowlegdeable about the field.  The know things, can pinpoint things and offer intelligent, cogent and constructive remarks.  Nobody on SYTYCD is going to say something completely idiotic like “For me, for you, dawg, I just don’t know.  For me.  For you.  Not your best.”

There is no “song choice.”  The songs, the outfits and the choreography is all chosen by someone else.  The dancers are there to dance.  It makes the judging focus on what’s important, instead of getting “critiques” like those that Alison Iraheta got this season that judged her outfit instead of her singing, and managed to give her negative comments after a performance that was entirely positive and amazing.  That doesn’t happen on SYTYCD.  For those of us that watch both shows for the performances as well as the competition aspect, the judging and its creditibility are important.  SYTYCD gets it right.

Hattip: Warming Glow.


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