So You Think You Can Dance revealed their Top 20 last night, and sadly, two of my early favorites didn’t make it.  Now, before you go saying “Well, Noyam, don’t love sucly dancers” let me point out that the reason my guys didn’t make the Top 20 wasn’t because they weren’t good.  In fact, one was freakin’ awesome.

I mean, check out the move he does at the :16 mark:

Or just watch this solo from Vegas Week:

Wow.  No, the reason Alex Wong didn’t make it was because he was already under contract to the Miami Ballet Company, and couldn’t get released.  Hopefully, that will be remedied by next season, and he can get a fast track to the Top 20 in Season 6, joining Nathan Trasoras, who was too young to be eligible this year, and got a pre-approved Season 6 Vegas pass.  Here’s his solo this year:

Meanwhile, we had to know only one Kasprzak brother was going to make it, even though they are both great dancers with great personalities.

Evan is a little more telegenic, which probably explains why he made it.  But, I really think Ryan’s great, too, as evidenced by his tap solo up there.  He’s also, apparently, very smart and a great choreographer (fast forward to 2:20 mark).

I doubt he’ll give up the chance to make the show as a dancer, but I would love to see them give him the chance to come on as a choreographer, and maybe give him a leg up in that way, because he’s pretty damn good with that.


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