Yeah, I Was Right

Don’t act so shocked….it happens!

Let’s see:

I said it three years ago.

I said it again on May 15th of this year.

Now, the New York Times says it: David Ortiz was on steroids.

This is why the Mitchell Report was so worthless, because it came across as trying to be comprehensive, and focused, mainly, on one or two teams, completely ignoring the rest.

Meanwhile, everyone used to it bury the Yanks, unfairly (unfair in the sense that they were focused on, instead of being considered ordinary).

Ha!  Finally!


2 responses to “Yeah, I Was Right

  1. Need we mention that George Mitchell was a Red Sox chairman at the time of the report? (I don’t know if he still is.) Steroids were being used on his own team, but he completely ignored it.

  2. Unless more Yankees were ‘roiding than players on other teams, which still seems to be the case.

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