Oh, I Hate Brett Favre

Obviously, I’m not reporting news about Favre coming back, again, un-re-un-re-re-retiring, but goddamn do I hate him something fierce.

Take, for instance, this quote in today’s NY Post:

“This is not about revenge, or anything like that, believe me,” Favre said. “I think it’s great for football. I can’t see how you wouldn’t think it would be.”

Holy F-ing Damn!!  He’s not doing this for himself, he’s coming back to play for the Vikings for the good of the game.  He really thinks he’s God’s gift to football, that sitting out would be bad for the game and he has a responsibility to play (just not to go to training camp or put any work in).  It’s not about him, no, it’s great for FOOTBALL.  As if football desperately needs him.  He can’t even see how this entire shitshow wouldn’t be good for football!!

What a f-ing narcisistic piece of shit douchebag.  Ugh, I HATE HIM.

Right now, I can only hope that some defensive lineman is planning on rolling through his knee.  Please, GOD, let that happen.


8 responses to “Oh, I Hate Brett Favre

  1. how come you bleep out “f-ing”, but not “shit”?

    just wondering.

  2. That’s a very good question. I don’t know. Maybe I see shit as a level II expletive, whereas f–k is a little more level I?

  3. that is a fair explanation.

  4. You think you hate Brett Favre? I was born and raised in Green Bay and am a season ticket holder who, unfortunately, now resides in Minneapolis. That SOB is everything you said and more. He’s a traitor. He betrayed everyone in Green Bay and has become a joke. I don’t want him to get hurt, but I sure want him to play like shit!

    I plan on making a small fortune on my tickets when the Vikings come to Green Bay. I’ll be damned if i sit and watch that asshole!

  5. Brett Farve playing for the Vikings is the worst act of treachery since Roger Clemens orchestrated his trade to the Yankees.

  6. AMEN !!!! I am a Vikings fan and love ALL the Vikes on the team that went to training camp,
    however, I can not watch them on Sundays. I watch my family get on their Viking gear and go to watch the game at family gatherings. I sit here and cry and am so sad. I know I am only hurting my self, but I just cant do it. I hate him. He should not be part of this team..

  7. You are a genius! I enjoyed reading your article and commend your work. I am confused as to who I should hate more:
    1. Brett Favre
    2. Minnesota Viking fans who hated Favre, but now place him on a Minnesota savior throne
    3. Former Green Bay fans who defend the princess Brett

  8. You think you all feel upset. My family is divided in all this shit….most of my family who say they are “packers fan” are on the fucking brett wagon…its totally bullshit. I mean there is truly bad blood…its total shit. I mean I was raised a packer fan all my life win or loose, I always supported them. And when he went to the jets..I let it go b/c who cares about the jets. But to our rival…thats a damn low blow!! I totally hope someone f**ks up brett with a awesome sack! GO PACK GO!

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