Every once in a while, I get an annoying email from a car dealer near me, purporting to be a statement of my rewards dollars or whatever.  I have no account with them, my balance is always 0, I have never bought a car from them, and I have no idea how they got my email address.

What really bugs me is that I scrolled to the bottom of the page to unsubscribe, and I had to register for an account in order to set my email preferences to get no emails!  What the F*ck?!?! That is NOT COOL.

That kind of bullshit should be illegal.  I have half a mind to call this stupid dealership and threaten to report them to some consumer protection something if they don’t take me off their email and snail mail lists (yeah, I get snail mail from them also).

God, they are SO ANNOYING!


2 responses to “Spam

  1. Is it not illegal?

    On a related note, thought I’d share some exciting news, it turns out that if I help an exile of the distinguished royal family of Nigeria, I might get a few hundred thousand dollars!!!!

  2. So call them and do it. Let us know what happens.

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