Lost Convenience

I just got my firm’s benefits enrollment package for next year, and there was one change that really stuck out to me as ridiculous:

Starting January 1, 2011, in order to use FSA dollars to purchase over the counter medicine, you will need a prescription.

Think of the look your doctor will give you the first time you ask for a prescription for Tylenol.

This is completely ridiculous.  (Just to be clear, I am not blaming my firm, this is not their decision.  It’s either statutory or imposed by the benefits adminsitrating company).

How is this going to be administered?  Will the teenage idiot behind the counter have to ask everyone that buys Tylenol if they have a ‘scrip in order to use FSA dollars?  Will the purchaser have to send a copy of the scrip into the company to verify each purchase?  Does the perscription have to specify an amount?  Can I keep reusing the same perscription?

Who came up with this utter stupidity, and what functional purpose could it possibly serve?!


7 responses to “Lost Convenience

  1. Turns out, after a little research, this is part of the Affordable Care Act. Oh, that sucks SO MUCH.

    I would like to discuss what the rationale behind this stupidity was with the idiot who wrote it.

  2. First off, I heard about this, and I think it’s statutory.
    But the way it was presented to me (haven’t seen it in writing yet), is simply that OTC drug store products are no longer eligible for FSA reimbursement. Only prescription drugs (plus other medical spending, such as co-pays) will be eligible.

    But the wording you transcribed above is very strange indeed. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

  3. OTC drugs are eligible, with a prescription.


  4. Wow. Oh, wow! Well, you know, as the outgoing speaker said – we have to pass the bill so that you’ll know what’s in it. I guess we’re starting to find out what’s in it. And I’m certain we’ll find many more things that we don’t like or that are idiotic.

  5. “Who came up with this utter stupidity”

    Probably a Democrat who thought that we needed this extra bit of regulation to solve all the world’s problems.

  6. Better late then never, Adam!

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