Lowering the Age of Marriage Will Reduce Rapes

I really, really, REALLY hope this guy is a crackpot.  I mean, I KNOW he’s a crackpot, but what I’m hoping is that everyone realizes he’s a fringe lunatic and nobody actually listens to him.  Because if this dude’s organization is a legit lobby, and has the ability to influence Israeli legislative policy, then we’re all fucked.  Because this might be the worst change in the law since Obamacare (Zing!).

Seriously, though, among some of the insaner things this guy is saying, is that letting THE GIRLS get married a year earlier (just so the guys can have sex, apparently) will reduce the amount of Rape in the country.  That’s right, Chareidi Israeli boys are must be wound-up, pent-up balls of sexual frustration, because it seems “they rapin’ errybody out here.”  I know what you’re thinking (because you didn’t click the link and read the article): “really?  no, he didn’t say that.”  But he did:

[Crazy wacko] said that lawyers are currently examining the legislative aspect of the bill, “We will curtail rape cases and violation of the law by allowing marriage a year earlier.

 “This one year is significant. Nowadays boys and girls cannot have relations, and we will allow this by letting them marry, while encouraging and guiding them,” he said.


Then, of course, there’s the misogyny that’s already been pointed out, like this gem (paraphrased: “women stay home”):

The purpose of changing the marriage age, according to a haredi source, is “to change the haredi view that has been prevailing in recent years, according to which girls must acquire an occupation before getting married. This approach is mainly held by interested persons such as directors of seminaries and different school who want as many girls to join their institution.

 “The haredi press is also guilty,” the source added, “Because it promotes an agenda that says women must be educated. This is very unfortunate and is promoted not by rabbis, but by businessmen that control the education apparatus.” (Emphasis added)

But wait, it gets better.  Then this guy goes all Larry Summers (except without the science to back him up, or the positive intentions):

“The woman is not the reason, she is the emotions. A woman isn’t reasonable; she is emotional and the man possesses the reason.”

I guess that is something I can sort of agree with: Bitches be crazy!

Been a while since I could break out the “Rants” tag and the “Stupidity” tag, but I think this definitely fits the bill.

HT @DovBear via Twitter


One response to “Lowering the Age of Marriage Will Reduce Rapes

  1. There are kooks everywhere, and you have to tune them out. In fact, that’s exactly what I do with DovBear.

    There are idiots in every legislature that propose asinine laws. It’s the cost of doing business in a democracy. The key is not to amplify their voices by repeating what they say to new audiences. (Ironically, this lends itself to the conclusion that DovBear is either a hypocrite or a fool.)

    For the fun of it though, I’ll address what I see as a big flaw in his logic, which you did not mention above. I can’t imagine I’d want my daughter marrying a man capable of rape, who would likely have committed rape but for the new law allowing him to marry younger. The proposed law may lower the number of rapes, but it will increase the number of bad husbands. I would think that fathers of daughters would have to be opposed to such a law.

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