Should I Do This Again?

I don’t know if I have the focus and the energy to really get back into blogging.  I’d like to.  Sometimes there are things I want to say that take more than 140 characters.  But I have no idea what it would be.  It’s not like I have anything right, for instance, that’s giving me a blog itch.

And I’m not sure I’ve got anything new to say.  Going back and reading some of my old posts (like this and this and this) it’s clear my thoughts on certain matters haven’t changed.  Either I’m consistent, or I’m stubborn and haven’t changed or grown any in the last 4-5 years (or all of those).  So what would I say different?  Almost anything I would write would be a re-hash of some old argument or complaint I’ve made.  Almost every post would start with a link and a “I think I’ve said this before.”

On the other hand, I know people now, through twitter and other blogs, who I didn’t know when I was blogging and didn’t have any interactions with.  People who might be able to offer new perspectives on my old problems.  A whole new set of people to insult with my rash outbursts of complaint.  So maybe it would be worthwhile.

So, time will tell.  At the very least, I clicked on the “remember me” box under my WordPress login, which one some level means I plant to come back.  Right?


One response to “Should I Do This Again?

  1. Meant to write a month ago: Yes.

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