This Is What I Meant

After I posted my contemplation about whether I should resume blogging, I logged into my dashboard and found a draft post from January of 2011. The title of the post was “Fake. It’s All Fake.” All that I had written in the body was “Recently, my neighborhood hosted a ‘mekubal’.”

That’s it.

I mean, I know exactly where I was going with it. I can even conjure up the thought process I went through then, and just being too lazy to go back and find and link to all my posts on segulah (like this or this or others).  That’s what I meant about not being sure I had the mental energy/focus to keep doing this.  Because that basically was the cause of the last time I stopped.

So, do I rant about it now?  Meh, it would kinda lose the immediacy of the feeling, so I’ll probably leave it be for now.

But if that guy comes to Woodmere again?  Then I’ll rant.  Maybe.  Eh, we’ll see.


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