The Noy G 2012 Fall TV Upfront Review (FOX)

Continuing our series (see here for my post on NBC), let’s look at Fox’s announced Fall schedule.

Not a lot going on here in terms of new shows.  Fox had a strong season last season, and is bringing most of their shows back.  Hopefully, in the fall, we can discuss the returning shows I am most excited for (Raising Hope!  Bob’s Burgers!), but this is mostly for new pickups I’m intrigued by, so there’s not much to discuss here.

(I guess it shows you how much NBC sucked that they basically had to revamp their entire schedule.  And yet, Community gets relegated to Friday nights.  That ain’t right.)  FOX, by contrast, ordered only five new shows for this coming season.

The Mindy Project,  Tuesday at 9:30pm.  I might give this a try, based on the fact that it’s by and starring Mindy Kaling (who’s funny and awesome on The Office) and it’s set in an Ob/Gyn practice (you know, my family business).  The problem I see is that is that the trailer wasn’t really….um….funny?  I mean, a trailer for a comedy (that I thought at one time was called “It’s Messy” and given the nature of her work THAT WAS A MUCH BETTER TITLE!), that reminds me more of Private Practice/Grey’s Anatomy than, I don’t know…The Office?…seems to be off on the wrong foot.  Still, I think I caught a shot of Toby Ziegler in that hospital scene, so….I’m tentatively looking forward to it.  Not appointment TV, but in the DVR queue.

Also Tuesday (at 8:30pm) is Ben & Kate.  This might grow on me.  I mean, it seems like they basically showed the entire pilot in that clip, but OH MY GOD THAT LITTLE GIRL!!  I have a feeling this one’s going on the DVR schedule, and Estee’s not really gonna object.   The humor might be right up my alley.  I don’t have very discriminating tastes.

The Mob Doctor, Monday, 9pm.  OK, I was set to write this off based on the premise, then I watched the clip.  Interesting.  I worry that this will get very repetitive, very fast, but at least the first episode should be interesting.  I’ll give it a couple of weeks.  But I’m skeptical.

The Goodwin Games.  Another reason I should hold judgment until I see the clips.  I was ready to write this off completely.  But Holy COW!  I think I might be more into this show than any other so far.  I mean, it was almost written for me!  I love Scott Foley, he’s awesome.  The girl who plays Barney’s stripper girlfriend on HIMYM?  She’s awesome, and hot.  ( I know her name, it’s Becki Newton.)  It’s got everything I love: smart characters, a cute little girl, TRIVIAL PURSUIT!  Argh! Midseason replacement?!  How does this NOT get a full season Fall spot? That sucks.

One more midseason replacement: The Following.  And as with some other shows that tease you with “ongoing story”, I fear this might be frustratingly drawn out.  A “Reverse Fugitive” if you will.  If, however, they catch the guy in the first episode (as they make it seem) and the rest of the series is about getting into his head to try to stop his disciples, I can get on board with that.  A kind of “Silence With The Lambs, The TV Years” kind of thing.  Yeah, it’s got Marc Antony from Rome.  And did I catch a glimpse of Shannon?  (Yes, it’s Maggie Grace, not sure of her role in this show, other than former potential victim.)  Kevin Bacon may be playing it a little too tortured for my tastes, but Purefoy looks excellent.  I love the smart serial killer character.   The important question: does being in a TV series with Kevin Bacon affect your Six Degrees score?  Because if it does, it’s going to get a lot easier to play.

Two down, two to go.  I’m not counting the CW.  I don’t think I’ve watched a show on that network in years.

UPDATE: Pajiba has posted their review.  Check it out.

SECOND UPDATE: Warming Glow.


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