The Noy G 2012 Fall TV Upfront Review (NBC)

Five years ago (holy COW! FIVE YEARS!) I wrote a post on this here blog previewing the coming TV season.  It took a LOT of work, so I didn’t (obviously) keep it up for every since.  It made an impact, apparently, since Kenny still talks about it.  Anyway, in the intervening years, sites like Warming Glow and Pajiba have done the work for me (and better, with more detail), so I didn’t really feel the need.  Anyway, I figure if I am going to get back into blogging, this would be a good thing to start with. [Update: Warming Glow has a similar post to mine. Without having read it yet (I am going to now), I’ll say it’s better done than mine.]

It’s time for “Upfronts” when networks announce, for the benefit of advertisers, their new upcoming schedule.  What I’d like to do is devote a post to each network’s schedule, hiliting the new shows I’m interested in.  Then in the fall, set out a schedule and ranking for each show (new and old) for the upcoming fall TV season.  Of course, since 2007, the nature of TV season’s has changed slightly, with the introduction of “summer” shows like White Collar and So You Think You Can Dance that I am very excited about, but the bulk of the schedule is still in Fall.  With that, let’s start with NBC, which had its presentation announced it’s schedule Sunday (the actual Upfront presentation is today).

Revolution, Mondays at 10pm (Clip): This looks interesting.  I’m not sure I buy into the premise (kinda why I didn’t bother with Terra Nova) but the scenery looks cool, and I always get a kick out of little audience nods, like Wrigley Field overgrown with ivy.  It’s from JJ Abrams, so it’s got a Lost-ish pedigree (though, that pedigree didn’t work for Alcatraz).  I’m definitely going to give it a 2-3 episode try-out, and then we’ll see.

Go On, Tuesdays at 9pm (Clip): I like Matthew Perry, and will usually try anything he’s in.  I liked Studio 60 and got a quirky kick out of Mr. Sunshine, so I’ll give this a try as well.  My guess is it gets cancelled by the Network before it reached 10 episodes.  😦  This will be time-slot followed by The New Normal, which looks….dumb. (Clip here and here).  Modern Family should be flattered, I guess, because this looks absolutely like it’s trying to ride that train.  Based on the clips, though, it looks closer to the “2 Broke Girls Every Character is a Stereotype” model than the “Modern Family character depth” model.  (Ironically, I watched the whole first season of 2 Broke Girls, but it wore thin.  Very thin.  Not sure if it will get a second season pickup from Noy G.)  This may get DVR standby, which usually means “deleted after building up 13 unwatched episodes, and we need the space”.  That role was taken by Up All Night this past Fall TV Season.

Animal Practice, Wednesdays at 8pm (Clips here and here).  This looks cute.  The Monkey’s name is Zaius!  That’s probably enough for me, though the “Ex Wife as guy’s boss” looks like manufactured conflict/sexual tension, hopefully that won’t overshadow that looks to be the possibility for a quirky workplace comedy with awesome side characters.  Seriously, if this fills the void in my heart left by Better Off Ted, that will make me happy.  I miss Better Off Ted.  I’ll watch this even if Estee won’t.  This is followed by Guys with Kids, which looks so stupid, I’m not even going to post links to the clips.  I am SHOCKED this show isn’t on CBS.  I have no use for this show (because I LIVE this show, and my life isn’t that dumb.  Three guys with babies, in a BAR?  Just so stupid).

Chicago Fire, Wednesdays at 10pm (Clip).  While my inclination is “Said!” this looks too…I dunno…cookie cutter?  I won’t buy Dr. Chase as a firefighter.  If I didn’t watch Rescue Me, I’m probably not going to watch this.

Do No Harm, Sundays at 10pm.  Looks terrible.  But the “sociopathic sex-hound” part sounds intriguing.  Likelihood that I watch it?  Approaches zero.

So there it is.  NBC also has 30 Rock, Parks and Rec and Community coming back, and that about does it for anything I watch or might even consider watching on NBC.  I’m hoping there’s a little more meat on the bone with other networks.  Fox’s upfront is today.  ABC is Tuesday, CBS on Wednesday.  Hopefully, I can get recaps out the following day.  Ya know, letting Warming Glow and Pajiba do the heavily lifting of assembling clips and schedules so I can watch them and give you my summaries.

UPDATE:  There are some shows I think that are worth mentioning that don’t have a spot on the schedule yet (probably being saved as midseason replacements).

1600 Penn: Premise is kinda eh, I don’t love Jenna Elfman.  But I do love Josh Gad! Maybe that’s why I liked this clip.

Next Caller: The only possible reason I would watch this would be Jeffrey Tambor.  The ONLY REASON.  Yet, that might just be reason enough.

Save Me: I couldn’t even get through the clip the grab a link for you.  Honestly, when I read the blurb the first time, I thought it was a drama.  Oof.

FYI, there’s  a good list here of all the renewed, cancelled and new shows from all the networks.


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