Recommending More Shows I Haven’t Seen – A General R. Blie Guest Post

[Ed. Note: Second in a series.  Catch up on the first one, covering NBC and FOX, here.  Also, catch up on all the upfront reviews: NBC, FOX, ABC and CBS.]

Thank you Noyam for the excellent reviews and synopses (synopsisses?)  But it is probably too complicated for some of your readers. (You know who you are.) So, here is “What to Watch” for dummies – ABC and CBS version.

How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)Don’t Watch

A boring premise with overused, obvious jokes.  This one looks too phoned in.  “Hey, we’ve got Brad Garrett and Sarah Chalke.  Let’s throw in some jokes and make a show.”  These guys would be great together in a show that either has excellent writing (see Everybody Loves Raymond) or tremendous creativity (see Scrubs).

The Family Tools: Watch

This one is worth a shot.  This looks like it could replace the “dumb construction guy” hole left by Bent.  I agree with Noyam.  Schillinger!!!  He is perfect as grumpy dad (see Juno).  And also, Stacey Carosi.

The Neighbors: Watch

Aliens in the suburbs.  Give it a shot unless it becomes more Alf than 3rd Rock.

Nashville: Don’t Watch

From what I’ve seen, there are so many reasons I dislike this show, I don’t have the strength to list them all.  It also seems very lazy.  From the clip, it looks like they decided – let’s throw every stereotypical primetime drama conflict into one show.

Last Resort: Watch

This just looks great.  Unfortunately, I could see it pulling a Prison Break.  We have a one season story (e.g., we need to break out of prison, we need to commandeer an island), is there any reason to keep watching when that’s done.

666 Park Avenue: Don’t Watch

Unless the gates to the Temple of Gozer the Gozerian is on the roof.  But that doesn’t seem likely.

Mistresses: Don’t watch

The only people who should watch this are those who haven’t gotten over their Alyssa Milano/Who’s the Boss fantasies and get a kick out of see her make out.  (And if you have internet access, you really don’t need this show to accomplish that either.)

Red Widow: Don’t watch

From the people who brought you Twilight.  Enough said.  Besides, there are too many “My kids are getting pulled into the world I tried to leave” stories.  Very predictable.

Zero Hour: Watch

From the people who brought you Transformers.  Enough said. The show has a great hook – who doesn’t love ancient conspiracies.  As long as they keep the pace fast, this should be good.

Partners: Don’t watch

Two problems with this show: 1) Clark Kent is gay. 2) Its not funny.

Vegas: Watch

This one is on the bubble as far as looking interesting enough to watch.  But throw in Chiklis and Quaid and it gets over the line.

Made in Jersey: Don’t watch

This actually looks much better than it sounds – which elevates it to the level of steaming pile of cow manure.

Elementary: Don’t watch

At some point a studio executive probably made this statement: “You know, Sherlock Holmes has only been rebooted 73 times.  I think 74 can be a hit.”  I recommend waiting for 75.

And Johnny Lee Miller – from making out with Angelina Jolie in Hackers to this.  So sad.


One response to “Recommending More Shows I Haven’t Seen – A General R. Blie Guest Post

  1. Question about Red Widow: is she the “Red” Widow because of the bloody mess they left her husband in, or because she (they: her husband, father, whomever) appear to be Russian? Because if it’s the latter, that’s really just a terrible pun for a title.

    Also, I actually think Made in Jersey looks WORSE than it sounds. I’ve worked in fancy Manhattan law firms for years already. I’ve never seen everybody in the firm called into a conference room to discuss one case. We’re not doctors, we don’t make rounds. That’s not the thing that bothers me the most (it’s close), but it happens so often, the “first year associate speaking out of place in the big lawyer rounds meeting” is a trope that appears in EVERY GODDAM LAWYER SHOW and that never EVER happens. Uch.

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