Cleaning the Pipes

If you’re not following Dr. Ruth on Twitter, you are missing out.

For instance, there was this nugget a little earlier today:

Men who ejaculate 5x/week in their 20s reduce risk of getting prostate cancer later by a third. Protect yourself guys.

I love that she not only lays out the science, but encourages men to “protect” themselves by, ya know, 5x/week.

And here’s where I get to thinking deeply in terms of religion.  Our particular brand (and this is by no means specific to Judaism) frowns on what is probably the most common male method for getting to ejaculation.  Wasting and all that.  And unless a guy’s sexual partner is a real champ (and even if so, during those two weeks he’s not allowed to do anything), pretty much the only way to get to 5 times a week.

So what does this mean?  If the halacha knew that there were tangible, identifiable benefits to masturbation, would it still be assur?  With slightly better knowledge, scientifically, of men’s health and internal plumbing, should the halachic attitudes change?

For instance, if it’s shown that regular maintenance of the plumbing system (flushing the old, to make way for fresh new sperm) is beneficial not only for a man’s health (as above) but also increases the likelihood of insemination and healthy children during copulation, does that change the calculus?

I know my overall mentality on almost everything is that halachah should adapt, especially in the face of better scientific knowledge, and this is no different.  I guess I just wanted a reason to write about masturbation, ejaculation and halachah.

/Achievement unlocked


5 responses to “Cleaning the Pipes

  1. And this may be why Mrs. G forbid your blogging a while back 🙂 On a more serious note, this was not an issue before polygamy was outlawed. Another reason to go back to concubines.

    • Well, yes and no. I wonder if this was known, would the idea of sex just for the sake of ejaculation be accepted, and therefore ejaculation anywhere would be acceptable, even “destroyed to the ground?”

  2. General R. Blie

    Your logic is backward. Here is the reasoning:

    – God is perfect and all knowing
    – The rules that God promulgated would not require us to act in a way damaging to our health.
    – There is a rule prohibiting masturbation

    Therefore, Conclusion:
    – Dr. Ruth/Science is wrong and masturbation is not healthy

    So – logic and reasoning clearly argue that this halacha should not change.

  3. Not if you have a perfectly good work-around as I proposed and as was practiced until 1,000 yrs. ago.

  4. My doctor told me the exact same thing a few years ago.

    “On a more serious note, this was not an issue before polygamy was outlawed. Another reason to go back to concubines.”

    Nope. Won’t really work. Women who live together tend to have their menstrual cycles coincide. I don’t know why, but for some reason it happens.

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