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Welp.  I’ve agreed to embarrass myself for charity, and attempt to grow a moustache during the month of November to raise money for charity.

(More information on the Movember movement here:

Update: We’re raising money for the American Cancer Society.

If I raise enough money to make it worthwhile, I will post pictures online (or send by email by request) of myself documenting my “journey”.

Please consider sponsoring me by pledging some small amount per day that you think I can last (November is 30 days) until Mrs. G makes me shave.  Alternatively, you can pledge a flat amount.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


Game of Quarterbacks

Or, “A Song of Ice and Quarterbacks.”

For the limited part of my audience that exist in the Venn Diagram overlap of (NFL Fans) (Game of Thrones fans) – which I concede may be me and two other guys who I’ve already discussed this with – I present: NFL quarterbacks as “The Seven” (the seven “new” gods of Westeros; really seven facets of one god – see here for more, or here, spoilers at your own risk).

The Mother: Tony Romo
The Father: Tom Brady
The Warrior: Aaron Rodgers
The Maiden: Eli Manning
The Crone: Peyton Manning
The Smith: Drew Brees
The Stranger: Ben Reothlisberger

We put this together before Eli won a second title, but still, the idea of Eli Manning as a young woman makes me happy.

As we pointed out then, that makes the Old Gods of Canton the ones with their faces carved in metal.  And Tebow as R’Hllor, Lord of Light.  Why?  From @ElieHecht: “False god, with some unexplainable power and lots of crazy followers.  It works.”  Of course that was before Tebow was traded to Elie’s Jets.  Wonder how he feels now?  Considering that Tebow might kill his team, maybe it’s the Red God the Faceless Men serve?

Nitpicking Good Movies

My friend @GeneralBlie went on a TwitBinge this morning with a new hashtag: #WarGamesPlotHoles.

War Games is one of my favorite movies to watch and to quote.  People who know me know that I’ll throw in a “Goddammit, I’d piss on a spark plug if I thought it’d do any good” whenever I get frustrated (which is often).

That said, General Blie pointed out quite a few “plot holes” during his twitter-age.

So I says to myself, I says (when he says he has more that don’t fit into 140 character) this would make for a great blog series/tag: Nitpicking Good Movies.  Whole posts devoted to inane and nitpicky “plot holes” in movies that we otherwise love.  Hopefully, the first will be the guest post I solicited from General Blie about the rest of his War Games Plot Holes.

I’ve done stuff like this before, but never thought to make a series out of it.  Let’s hope this takes off.

The Summer of Noyam Continues

So far, I’ve read two of the books that I’ve wanted to read for a long time that I put on my summer reading list.

The drumming thing didn’t work out.  As  much fun as it sounds like, I don’t have the time to devote to make it worthwhile.  There’s no reason to do it half-assed.

But, that doesn’t matter.  Because we are on the next thing, and this one’s the one thing I’ve been looking forward to for a long, long time.

Again, v’hmayvin yavin.

“Thanks, I Like To Play”

V’Hamayvin Yavin

Marriage, Defined

For all you who like to rail about the bible’s definition of marriage:


Hattip: GorillaMask

Big Numbers Problem

Visualizing scale, on Obama’s budget cuts.


Hattip: General R. Blie, by email.